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79-800-5012 Engine Oil Wolf 5W-30 MS-F, 4L 398 kr
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79-800-5012 - Engine Oil Wolf 5W-30 MS-F, 4L - WOLF OIL CORPORATION NV - Engine oil

398 kr
Teknisk info Full synthetic Motor Oil. Viscosity 5W-30 MS-F
Dimensjon 4L Bottle, 3.41 kg.
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Type: Synthetic; Viscosity: 5W30; Full Synthetic Oil; Oil Viscosity Classification SAE: 5W30. Manufacturer Approval, Specification: ACEA: A1/B1-12 ACEA: A5/B5-16 API: SL/CF FORD: Approval WSS-M2C913-C/D JAGUAR-LAND ROVER: Approval STJLR.03.5003 RENAULT: RN 0700. APPLICATIONS: It is mandatory for all Ford models (gasoline and diesel, also those with particulate filter) from 2009 onwards. It's also required for the vehicles equiped with the 2,2 Duratorq TDCI engines and is fully backwards compatible with all current Ford diesel engines, with the exception of the models which are equipped with pump injectors (Galaxy I en II) and Ford KA (diesel and gasoline from 2009). For 1L Bottle = 79-800-5020.
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